Sarah Palin More Admired Than Oprah


Ah Haa! I new it all along. The Saracuda is more admired than the ogre that refused to interview her.

By The Way. Congratulations Grandma Sarah. Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, 7lbs-7ozs, was born to Sarah and Todd’s oldest daughter, Bristol, and her longtime boyfriend Levi Johnston. The couple will marry this year.

Word came this weekend that a new USA Today – Gallup Poll found the 44-year-old Palin, a mother of five, is the nation’s second most-admired woman, behind only Hillary Clinton and ahead of someone named Oprah Winfrey.

She’s going to surprise quite a few people when the Lame Stream Media get their  asses handed to them and someone finally starts telling the truth. The “I can see Russia” line is attributed to Sarah on such a regular basis that most actually think she said it. (Tina Fey said it)

But you must look at this statement from the same article.

President-elect Barack Obama dethroned President George W. Bush as the nation’s most-admired man this year in spectacular fashion. Bush topped the most admired man list in 2007 with a 10 percent showing, his seventh straight year on top. He reached as high as 39 percent shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. This month, however, he sank to 5 percent to finish a distant second to his successor.

For SEVEN YEARS while the world was tearing him down, George Walker Bush was still the most admired man in the nation. Only when “The One” was crowned PEBO was GWB dethroned. And he still finished second! Why haven’t we heard about this? That, of course, is a rhetorical question.

George has a message for the media

George has a message for the media

Yeah, that’s photoshopped. But I’ll bet he’d like to.


h/t Instapundit


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  1. Happy New Year to Bob and Miz Bob! Now remember to eat that ham, blackeyed peas, and collards for good luck. Or whatever people in California eat for good luck. Tofu made from organic soybeans with a lemon garnish?

  2. Dang it! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong. Tonight it’s Subway foot longs. Taco Bell is a California tradition. That tofu organic crap…..those kind of people live around here, but don’t much stay to party. Mostly just ask Miz Bob about how to treat their sick animals.

    I and Miz Bob wish you and Swampman a Very Happy New Year! Oh,and also all the little Swamps, and the grandswamp kiddies too!

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