Shasta County Scrooges Target 86 yr old

They have nothing better to do than prevent an 86 year old disabled veteran from making a little extra money to survive.

Jack Melton, 86, of Redding has sold homemade fruitcakes for years. But Shasta County has told Melton to halt his home business for not having a permit to operate a food facility.

Jack Melton

Eighty-six-year-old Jack Melton, who has been baking and selling his pecan-laden fruitcakes from his Churn Creek Road home for the past 10 to 15 years, has been told to stop by Shasta County Department of Environmental Health officials.

Melton, a disabled World War II Navy veteran, has been told to quit selling his popular word-of-mouth fruitcakes from his home because state law forbids the operation of an unregulated retail food business from one’s private home, said Fern Hastings, a senior environmental health specialist.

Although disappointed, Melton is not crushed by the bad news.

“At my age, I probably need to quit anyway,” Melton said Tuesday “This was probably the last year I was going to do it anyway.”

But, he said, he’s sure that his customers, many of whom look forward every holiday season to tasting his fruitcakes, won’t be too happy.

Hastings said Melton can continue making his fruitcakes for family and friends.

But if Melton is selling the cakes to the public – or even giving them away – he must make them in a commercial bakery kitchen that has passed a health inspection, Hastings said. Melton could rent space in such a bakery, she said, noting that Country Entrees Take & Bake and Homemade Treats by Jan and Norene got their start that way.

Melton, who turns 87 next month, received a telephone call from county officials about two weeks after a county inspector spotted a small sign outside his home advertising his homemade fruitcakes for sale.

“I think it was the sign that got them,” Melton said. “I’m going to burn that sign.”


Shasta County has a very selective Law Enforcement Policy, especially the Health Department.

The story even made it to Fox News

And NRO’s the corner

!!Update!! Two  businesses offer free kitchen space


4 Responses

  1. If that ain’t a helluva thing! They ought to be ashamed.

    How dare somebody that is 86 years old and disabled try to earn a little extra money the only way he can?

  2. You would think, with all the economic problems that California is having, that they would want to encourage entrepreneurship.

  3. They should be ashamed, but these asses are quite proud of themselves. That’s Shasta County law for you. Better get those home bakers rather than the land owner that has illegal septic tanks right on the river. Or on the sheriff’s side, don’t worry about the convicted child molester that owns and lives on property that borders an elementary school. Or the fact that he rents to other child molesters. Worthless bastards.

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