Merry Christmas to All


Merry Christmas from Northern California. We have about 28 inches of snow on the ground as of 6:00 Christmas eve, and still snowing. A wonderful White Christmas. Traditional ham dinner with all the fixen’s on Christmas Day. Hope your day is filled with joy.


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  1. We had to turn the AC on to deal with the warmth on Christmas day….temperature was only in the 70s but with two ovens and the stove going, it was getting a little warm inside.

    The little ones got to play outside with their new toys, so it was all good. Our temperatures in the 70s feels like a real treat since we got the cold weather down in the 30s earlier in November and December!

  2. 8-10 more inches of snow. Power went out at 12:30 am Christmas morning, along with phone lines. Power wasn’t a big problem, although a new generator had to be hooked up, but the phone lines were just now restored. No phone, no internet. It was actually kinda relaxing. (except for Mrs.D missing her Christmas phone calls) Starting to drizzle again with the temp. dropping to 37, so as it drops, snow is on the way. We still had ham with all the fixens for Christmas dinner. Life is good….. 😀

    Glad you got some warmth in your neck of the woods swampie. As I finish this comment the rain has turned to snow again…..

  3. Well, could be worse….could be volcanic ash.

  4. That would not be good. I’m in a bad spot if that happens.

    I’m not complaining about the snow at all. This is normal.

  5. Heh. I’d sure as heck be complaining!

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