A little “Global Warming” would be nice

Well, here we go again.You NEVER see this kind of thing happen with the dreaded “Global Warming”.


About 1.3 million homes and businesses across the Northeast suffered power outages after a storm coated trees and wires with ice Thursday night into Friday. Most of the outages were in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and New York. About 880,000 remained without power Saturday afternoon.

Four states declared either limited or full states of emergency.

At its peak Friday, more than 430,000 customers were without power in New Hampshire, the worst power outage in state history. About 375,000 still were in the dark Saturday afternoon.

Another 350,000 lost power in Massachusetts, down to about 200,000 Saturday. About 311,000 customers were knocked out in upstate New York, with at least 185,000 still without power Saturday.

About 170,000 of the quarter of a million affected in Maine still were in the dark Saturday.

Vermont utilities reported a little less than 14,000 customers remained without power Saturday afternoon, down from about 40,000. About 4,400 homes and businesses in northwestern Connecticut were without power, down from 16,500. Nearly all 11,000 outages in northeastern Pennsylvania were restored by Saturday.

Because the outages were so widespread, the affected states looked hundreds of miles away for help. Utility crews were on the way to the Northeast from as far away as Michigan, Virginia and Canada.

At least three deaths appear to be related to the storm. A Danville, N.H., man who lived in a camper died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator he was using after his power went out Thursday night. A couple in their 60s died in Glenville, N.Y., when a gas-powdered generator running in an attached garage filled their house with carbon monoxide, police said Saturday.

The Rest

IF the world were warming as much as the Cult says, we wouldn’t have this happening every year. The cold weather is more destructive and kills far more people than any speculative figures they can come up with for global warming. That’s the main reason for the switch to “Climate Change” in my opinion. They saw it coming and knew that a half a degree over a century just cannot compete with the devastating winter storms, and they would lose the goose that lays those golden eggs.


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