EPA To Tax Cow Farts

And burps too. This seems to come up at least once a year.

From New York

The EPA has floated the idea of taxing farmers for each of their cows.

Hanehan estimates it would cost about $175 per cow, per year. He milks 1,300 cows.

“It would probably be around $230,000 per year for our dairies,” Hanehan said. “You can figure that that’s pretty much going to wipe us out.”

So Hanehan and other New York farmers are asking Congress to step in to make sure this idea of taxing farms for flatulence is expelled swiftly.

Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Greenport, who is on the Agriculture Committee, says the whole idea stinks.

“The first thing I’m going to do is call the chairman of our Agriculture Committee and talk to him about this and how it’s upset my farmers and ask him how quickly we can get this done,” she said.

The idea of a gas tax on cows has been raised in other countries, but was blocked by the farming community.

From Nebraska


A proposed Environmental Protection Agency tax on livestock operations would be devastating to Nebraska’s billion dollar livestock industry, according to Dave Wright, president of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska.

According to Wright, the EPA proposal would establish a greenhouse gas “tax” of $87.50 on each head of beef cattle produced and $175 per head on each dairy animal and $20 for each hog.

The proposal is essentially a tax on livestock operations, Wright said.

“Most livestock and dairy farmers would not be able to pass along this tax,” Wright said. “The proposal would put producers out of business and would certainly result in much higher consumer costs for beef, milk, pork, and milk products.”

Here’s the next step before eliminating cows altogether. The Bovine Catalytic Converter.

EPA Approved Bovine

EPA Approved Bovine


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