Another Loser Joins the Global Warming Cult

John F Kerry will join his fellow loser Al Gore in the fight against global warming. He’s getting in at the end of the game of course. The world is starting to wake up to the fraud, and poor old John will be on the losing end once again.

Reporting for Duty

Reporting for Duty

On the eve of going to a major conference on global climate change, Senator John F. Kerry said today that he will make the issue a priority as the incoming chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

And that, he said, is a sea change from the Bush administration.

“It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for, many of us, for some period of time — for eight years, to be blunt,” Kerry said. “And we intend to pick up the baton and really run with it here.”

“I have both the chairmanship of the committee as well as a president to work with,” he added in a conference call with reporters. “And I’m very excited about where the United States is going to be. I think President-elect Obama, in his remarks to the climate change summit that Governor Schwarzenegger held least week, made it very, very clear that after eight years of obstruction and delay and denial, the United States is going to rejoin the world community in tackling this global challenge.”


H/T Skeptic

He might want to stay away from those athletic metaphors.

The Pass?

The Pass?

The Catch?

The Catch?


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