“The (smug) One” is a Study in Arrogance

He’s still using his phony props. Remember This? He has really bought into the whole Messiah bit. Now he’s made up a fake cardboard sign to stroke his ego a little more. Hell man, you got the job. Now try to act like you deserve it.


President-elect Barack Obama is looking very presidential these days. When he makes an announcement, he is ringed by American flags and stands behind a lectern that has a very presidential-looking placard announcing “The Office of the President-Elect.”

But the props are merely that. Under the Constitution, there is no such thing as the Office of the President-elect. Technically, Obama will not even become the president-elect until the Electoral College convenes after the second Wednesday in December and elects him based on the results of the Nov. 4 general election, as stated in the Constitution.

So what is Obama’s executive authority in the weeks leading to Jan. 20?

In the 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day, the next president must ensure a smooth transition by selecting political appointees to manage key agencies and offices within the Executive Branch, and by creating the policies that will define the new administration — all while respecting the authority held by the current president.

Yeah, respect. Like blabbing a private conversation with President Bush as soon as he left the White House? I don’t think he knows the meaning of respect. But considering where he came from, how could he?

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6 Responses

  1. He can drape himself in all the trappings he wants; it’s character that matters.

    And he doesn’t have it.

  2. I’d like to photo-shop the empty suit behind that sign.

  3. Speaking of suits, did you notice the new color scheme? Black suit/red tie.

  4. Do you really want him to be?

  5. No. Not at all.

    I don’t want to hear him sayin’ “how ’bout dem Dawgs”. Nope.

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