Global Warming Not The Polar Bear’s Biggest Problem

So you think Global Warming is killing the polar bears? Think again.


“WE DON’T have no vegetarians here,” says James Qillaq, a long-time resident of Kanngiqtugaapik in Canada’s Nunavut territory. North of the 70th parallel, where winter temperatures regularly drop below -30°C, “nothing can grow in the ground, so the only thing we eat is animals.” Inuit like Mr Qillaq have been hunting here for generations, and though sledge dogs and spears have been replaced by snowmobiles and rifles, the prime target remains unchanged: polar bears.

What do you expect them to eat, whales? Heaven forbid! It’s their native right to hunt polar bears, or anything else they may need to stay alive in -30c temeratures. Now I don’t advocate the killing of polar bears, but what would you do in -30c conditions in one of the harshest places in the world? I’ve said before I don’t want to see dead polar bears but it looks like Global Warming is not the problem, I don’t care what they say. Far more polar bears are being killed directly by humans than by global warming. (if global warming were true, or caused by man)

As if global warming weren’t problem enough, a row over how to determine hunting quotas has recently begun to heat up. Polar bears are divided into 19 distinct populations throughout the high Arctic, all in varying stages of distress. One of the most fragile is in Baffin Bay, where there are now only about 1,500 animals, down nearly a third from a count a decade ago.

This bunch has the added misfortune of straddling the border between Nunavut and Greenland: native people on both shores are eager to kill as many bears as they can. In the light of the declining population, Canadian scientists recommended that this winter’s hunt be limited to 64. But the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board—an Inuit-controlled body that makes the final recommendation—decided to set the number at 105. Then Greenland added another 68, for its own hunters. Together, this is nearly three times the sustainable harvest. Even without the rampant poaching that takes place in Greenland, 12% of the Baffin bears are set to be turned into blankets, mukluks and stews.

Now if my math is right, that’s 173 polar bears taken “legally”  from the smallest population in the region, without the poaching. Now tell me, how many polar bears die from the dreaded Global Warming. What’s that? You don’t know. That’s right! Nobody knows how many are poached or how many die of natural causes or how many die because of “Global Warming”. It’s not possible to put numbers to this. Only the all seeing, the all knowing, the one and only Goracle can tell you that. And you can’t trust him, he’ll lie about anything to keep his Global Warming Lie alive. al_gore_pinocchio11


Polar Bear “Threatened” Yeah, Right.
h/t Tom Nelson


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  1. If I were raising a family and polar bears shared my space, I’d be doing my best to make ’em extinct.

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