The Face of the “New” Obama Administration

I first posted this during the primaries. Who new it would come true. With all the old Clinton cronies, and even Hillary herself, being snapped up by “The One”, it really is the Clinton’s third term.


6 Responses

  1. The hair ain’t bad, but those eyebrows have GOT to go.

  2. Yeah, they do look a bit caveman like. But hey, they seem to think running the country is so easy a…………

  3. Major Payne for President!

  4. The last time I checked, on Jan. 20th, Obama is to be POTUS, not any of the Clintons.

    Your blog is full of regurgitated talking points.

  5. Whatever……I guess you missed the humor tag.

    And some humor of your own. A liberal accusing someone else of using talking points.

  6. Change? Obama seems to have placed his administration with all of the Clinton machine.

    They must have offered Obama a choice he couldn’t refuse.

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