Arnold Fiddles While L.A. Burns

Amid the flames and ashes of the fires still burning in Southern California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO CA) has decided the best way to cope would be to bring thousands of people into the heart of the flames to talk about global warming.

L.A. burns as Arnold fiddles w/global warming lies

L.A. burns as Arnold fiddles w/global warming lies

On Tuesday, the California governor will convene a two-day Global Climate Summit in Beverly Hills. More than 600 environmental officials and activists from Borneo to Bulgaria, along with five U.S. governors and regional politicians from foreign nations, are expected to attend. Grandiose gabfest? So whisper the Sacramento cynics, but Schwarzenegger calls it a “historic summit” that will create “an alliance of states, provinces and regional governments” to influence upcoming negotiations on a new global climate treaty.

To influence upcoming negotiations? That sounds a bit intimidating. And so Goracle like.

California, being merely a state (albeit the eighth largest economy in the world), has no standing in treaty negotiations, which are conducted between nations. That would be the purview of an Obama administration. Even Mary Nichols, Schwarzenegger’s top greenhouse-gas regulator, acknowledges that she wondered, at first: “Why are we doing this now, with a new administration in Washington? I was concerned it would look like grandstanding.”

Well that’s enough said right there. It is grandstanding. Useless waste of time, money, space and oxygen. I wonder how much carbon will be spewed into the air by all those jets coming from all corners of the world? And I don’t want to hear about carbon credits. You can’t take back what is spewed into the air by buying guilt points. Once it’s there, it’s there. Now just to be clear, I don’t think the carbon carelessly emitted by the Global Warming Cult hurts a thing, but they (the cult) do.

So here is what they Should have done. If they were as interested in saving the world as they say, they would have set up the biggest conference call the internet has seen. Auditoriums with big screens, links to watch on the net, live blogging. We have the technology. Do it the Green Way! But Nnnnoooo, that would mean they would have to practice what they preach, and we all know it’s not up to them to sacrifice a thing, that’s for you and me. Following nicely in The Goracle’s footsteps. Hypocrisy at it’s finest! source


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