Gov’t to GW Scientists: Wrap it up, move on

What’s that you say? Can’t be? Well they gave the money suckers over a decade to try to kill trees with the dreaded C02 and they couldn’t do it. They’ve already wasted $55 million and say they want $10 million more. In a moment of sanity the Government told them “chop down the trees, collect the data, move on”. That sounds so sweet, I almost have a tear in my eye. 😉

DURHAM, N.C. – For more than a decade, the federal government has spent millions of dollars pumping elevated levels of carbon dioxide into small groups of trees to test how forests will respond to global warming in the next 50 years.

Some scientists believe they are on the cusp of receiving key results from the time-consuming experiments.

The U.S. Department of Energy, however, which is funding the project, has told the scientists to chop down the trees, collect the data and move on to new research. That plan has upset some researchers who have spent years trying to understand how forests may help stave off global warming, and who want to keep the project going for at least a couple of more years.

But of course the “scientists” want to keep going, there’s more money to be had.

“There has been an investment in these experiments and it’s a shame we are going to walk away from that investment,” said William Chameides, an atmospheric scientist at Duke University, where one of the experimental forests is located. “There is no question that ultimately we want to cut the trees down and analyze the soil. The question is whether now is the time to do it.”

Ronald Neilson, a U.S. Forest Service bio-climatologist in Corvallis, Ore., said the experiments should continue because they still have potential to answer key questions about how rainfall and fertility affect how much carbon a forest will store long-term — essential to understanding how forests may soften the blow of climate change.

But it looks like for once we, the people, will prevail. Besides, a decade and $55 million is quite sufficent to support these “scientists and their families”.

But the Energy Department, following the advice of a specially convened panel of experts, believes that chopping down the trees and digging up the soil will allow the first real measurements of how much carbon the leaves, branches, trunks and roots have been storing, said J. Michael Kuperberg, a program manager with the agency.

Ending the experiments will also allow the funding to be devoted to new research that will look at the effects of higher temperatures, changes in rainfall, and variations in soil fertility, Kuperberg said.

“What we are trying to do here is balance the time to get optimal results out of the existing experiment with our desire for a new generation of experiments that we feel is more likely to realistically represent future climate scenarios,” Kuperberg said.

Could it be that cooler heads will prevail? I don’t know, but this is a good start.

Here’s the real reason the GoreBull Wormers don’t want to stop.

“To stop an experiment that cost $55 million, $10 million before it reaches its real conclusion makes no sense to me,” Oren said.

Have I said this lately? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

**Something else I just thought of…What did they expect to find out by giving trees the very thing they need to thrive? Better growth? Yeah, that nasty Global Warming would produce better and bigger crops, if it were really happening. More money wasted in the name of Global Warming.

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