California Communist Party aka Democrats (plus Arnold)

Where to start….. I suppose the left is emboldened by The MessiUH winning the election. I guess they figure they might as well get get a head start on the road to socialism, if not communism, because they know that’s where they’re headed. I really thought they would try to hide it just maybe until the inauguration, but they just can’t help themselves. Drunk With Power keeps running through my head. Keep in mind here, The MessiUH wins by 5% and it’s a Mandate. Californians get the same 5% for prop 8, and it’s just fine to overturn a majority vote.

Democratic legislators ask state Supreme Court to void Prop. 8

Reporting from Sacramento — Forty-three Democratic legislators, including leaders of the California Senate and Assembly, filed a brief Monday urging the California Supreme Court to void Proposition 8.

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata and incoming President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg signed the friend of the court brief, filed with the state Supreme Court.

No Republican legislator signed the petition, though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, denounced the anti-gay marriage measure over the weekend.

With almost 11 million ballots tallied, Proposition 8 had 52.3% of the vote to 47.7%. Although many ballots remain to be counted, the 500,000-vote spread is viewed as insurmountable.

“The citizens of California rely on the Legislature and the courts to safeguard against unlawful discrimination by temporary, and often short-lived, majorities,” the legislators said in the document, written by attorneys at the firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.

“This is a Hail Mary, no question about it,” said Frank Schubert, manager of the Proposition 8 campaign.

Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown’s office would be obligated to defend the initiative. But Schubert said that if the high court agrees to hear the case, backers of the initiative would seek to intervene to defend it.


This will be the second time the vote results on this same issue are overturned. And with A.G. Moonbeam and Arnold RINO Schwarzenegger wanting it done, we are so screwed.

Welcome to a preview of things to come with the Democrats controlling all three houses. It is at the very least socialism……and the next step? Communism.

Michelle Malkin says It’s Over. You Lost. Move On.


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  1. So, Robert D, you gonna join the insurgency?

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