Global Warming Shuts Down South Dakota

You’re right, that never happens. But Global Cooling is a bit worse than a little warming. You don’t hear very much about the warming actually shutting anything down, but the cooling…..

Bob Herz pushes his snowblower through a 3-foot deep snowdrift on his son's Rapid City, SD driveway. Rain turned to snow Wednesday evening and, driven by winds which gusted as hard as 76 mph, shut down much of western South Dakota Thursday, with schools, businesses and highways closed throughout the region.

Nov. 6: Bob Herz pushes his snowblower through a 3-foot deep snowdrift

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  A wintry blast of punishing wind and close to 4 feet of snow in places pummeled the Northern Plains on Thursday, stranding unknown numbers of motorists for a day or more and knocking out power to thousands.

State officials said some people could be without power for days, but they had a simple message for anyone thinking of trying to drive in western South Dakota’s blizzard: Don’t.

“This is a dangerous storm,” Gov. Mike Rounds told reporters in a telephone conference call Thursday evening. “Western South Dakota is basically under a no-travel advisory.”

A long stretch of Interstate 90 was closed, and Rounds said most of the dozens of vehicles stranded along the stretch of highway had not been moved. Some have been stranded for more than 24 hours, he said, adding that search teams can’t get to them because of zero visibility.

“We cannot see a thing in many areas where we’re out actually searching for people,” said Tom Dravland, state Public Safety secretary, who added that the top speed for some rescue crews was as little as a half-mile per hour.

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Stay tuned, it’s only the first week of November.

(And I know there are power outages in the summer, but they are caused by humans using electricity, not the actual warming.)


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  1. In Florida, a prolonged period of weak hurricane seasons combined with newcomers moving to Florida and nationwide building firms buying out/bankrupting local building firms combined to produce a lot of poor-quality frame houses with high-pitched roofs that were more pleasing to the eye to northerners than the squat concrete block buildings with low rooflines that the Florida natives favored (through experience). Unfortunately, when a more active hurricane trend restarted, those cheaply constructed (but expensively priced) frame buildings with the high roof lines did not perform so well, prompting many people to return to concrete block and brick construction. Unfortunately, there weren’t so many block and brick layers left.

    We’ve had a 30-year warming period with a positive PDO and back-to-back El Ninos that resulted in a small warming period. That period is now over. I wonder if the people in the snowy climes stopped landscaping for, building for, and storing food and fuel for prolonged snow events much like the newcomers in Florida bought houses that were not made to withstand hurricane-force winds?

  2. Only the flatlanders would not be prepared, although you wouldn’t believe the number of people in our little town who won’t even buy a generator. (ant-grasshopper syndrome)

  3. Say WHAT?

    When SwampMan was in the northern areas for business in the winter months, I made him take a sub zero sleeping bag, invertor to plug into the cigarette lighter to power an “oven” to warm food, bottled water, canned food, and PBJ and bread/crackers. This was before the PDO shifted to cold phase, so you can see I’m all about preparedness.

  4. The Ant & the Grasshopper. Starring swampie as the Ant. 😛

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