So, You Wanna Play The Race Card?

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!UPDATE! New article from Charles Krauthammer. 10-17-08 WaPo

Let me get this straight. A couple of agitated yahoos in a rally of thousands yell something offensive and incendiary, and John McCain and Sarah Palin are not just guilty by association — with total strangers, mind you — but worse: guilty according to the New York Times of “race-baiting and xenophobia.”

But should you bring up Barack Obama’s real associations — 20 years with Jeremiah Wright, working on two foundations and distributing money with William Ayers, citing the raving Michael Pfleger as one who helps him keep his moral compass (Chicago Sun-Times, April 2004) and the long-standing relationship with the left-wing vote-fraud specialist ACORN — you have crossed the line into illegitimate guilt by association. Moreover, it is tinged with racism.

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4 Responses

  1. This post is a great example of dog whistle racism in today’s politics. And there are so many more!

    We’re tracking political race baiting at We find the good, bad and ugly from the right, left and center about race in the race. Visit us today for a non-partisan take on the race card, and the race card card, in today’s politics.

    Hope to see you at StopDog!

  2. From what I’ve heard, Obama’s campaign has been playing the race card. McCain has to be careful. Any criticism will be played as about race.


  3. The only one playing the race card has been Obama himself. And the MSM picks up any hint from him and runs with it.

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