Voter Fraud, ACORN, Obama !Updated with Videos!

Breaking News.

This comes from Gateway Pundit. You need to read it all. Gateway Pundit

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Even CNN can’t deny it anymore. But as a reader at Instapundit notes, “I watched the clip you linked. Couldn’t tell from the report. Does ACORN work more closely with one party/candidate than another? Heh.”


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  2. I wouldn’t worry about a little thing like voter fraud because our current president is in office because of voter fraud. The only reason that it’s coming up with Republicans now is because it’s looking they may lose the election. I’ve also been hearing about the thousands of voters being purged illegallly from the voters rolls. Check it out here:

  3. Ahhh, I see you would rather go with the ACORN strategy. Let the dead and illegal vote, vote early and vote often.

  4. Mary, here’s a link for you. 30,000 Felons Still Registered To Vote Could This be what the democrats in your link above are so worried about?

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  6. Obama won of fraud!!

  7. Yes, he did. Fraud covered up by the media.

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