Ethics and Democrats? Now THAT’S a Laugh

The best coverage of “Troopergate” out there. I found this at a great site. the Palin Lipstick Brigade, All Sarah, All the Time. Click the picture to see the “Fair and Balanced” crew investigating Sarah.

Troopergate democrats: Palin abused power

"Objective Investigators" sent to Alaska

From Thanks to Palin: SHOCKING: Democratic Ethics Probe Says Palin Abused Her Power

The troopergate issue has ended in a Democratic-led ethics probe saying Palin was unethical in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan.

Now THAT’s a laugh.  And it’s democratic socialists – led “ethics” probe; or just merely DemocratIC.  There is something seriously wrong with people searching for ethics when they have none of their own.  What they’re looking through is a socialist prism, Alinsky-style. This is where they hold Republicans to their own standards; with the intent of removing them as political opponents; even if the charges are false.  It’s a complete double-standard; since Obama’s own “ethics” problems are surfacing en masse.

But, they admitted that she did NOT fire Monegan for his refusal to dismiss Mike Wooten, a state tooper. Instead, they say she abused her power by refusing to stop her husband from using state resources to encourage the firing of Wooten.

Actually, Monegan was offered another position, which he turned down.  How that should come back at Palin implicating the problems with Wooten is completely baffling.  Wooten was Palin’s former brother-in-law who’d threatened to kill Palin’s father, was stalking her sister, had a history of getting drunk on the job and even drinking in his patrol car.

Be sure to read it all!


2 Responses

  1. Problem is Bob if that was true why didn’t Palin’s dad take him to court? Surely there’s a police complaints committee where he can be taken? Or wasn’t Sarah doing her job?

  2. John, you need to click on the “be sure to read it all” link. It starts out.

    In Alaska, we do not have one set of laws for the common folk and one for the troopers. “Troopergate” exposes hindering prosecution, covering up crimes, and obstruction of justice by troopers, supervisors and union representatives to protect one of their own.

    Sarah was well within her rights, and I think showed a lot of restraint in dealing with the problem. The report said as much, but they were not happy with her doing it. That was a result of it being an all democratic investigation. IMO

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