What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

I’ll give you one guess. It’s a 10 minute video but well worth your time. Use the pause if you need to, it moves pretty fast.

The original video has been banned. Some reworking has produced this replacement. Just as good as the original.

And Dingy Harry is pissed at Mccain for ruining his party. The $700 billion welfare bill was supposed to be signed and done before anyone knew what was in it. Actually it was the conservative side of the GOP that stepped back and said let’s take a look at some options, but the facts have never stopped Dingy.

REID:  The insertion of presidential politics has not been helpful.  I repeat.  The insertion of presidential politics has not been helpful.  It’s been harmful.  A few days ago I called on Senator McCain to take a stand, let us know where he stands on the issue, on this bailout.  But all he has done is stand in front of the cameras.

We have Senator Bennett, who is a high-ranking Republican senator, standing before all of you saying we’ve got a deal in principle.  All we have to do is put it down in writing and this — this is almost over with.  And then, guess who came to town?  And that completely fell apart.  The vehicle came off the tracks.  Now, the Republican House has to decide what they want to do.  Are they serious about one of the issues that has to be taken care of, is lowering the capital gains tax?  Is that part of what this is all about?  They’re going to have to become realistic.

I don’t care who stopped it. You don’t just sign up to take $700 billion from the public to fix something you’ve created without looking at it a little closer. If he wants to give McCain the credit, so be it.

El Rushbo covers this in detail.


4 Responses

  1. I put that up at my site, too. People really need to know who made this mess and who tried to fix it.

    And Obama ain’t on the side that tried to fix it.

  2. No he isn’t. But Biden will attempt to fix that too.
    Did you here that Bawney Fwank was spittin mad at the white house meeting? The cleaning staff actually had to come in and clean the area around him. I’m sure it was a hazmat team.

  3. Sounds like one of the autistic children in the classroom.

  4. I think they behave better than him. What a disgrace.

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