Offshore Oil Still Years Away?

From those optimists at Associated Press.

A quarter-century ban on offshore exploration expires in this coming week, but don’t expect to see a chain of drilling platforms from the beaches anytime soon.

It will take a couple of years, at least, before any oil or natural gas leases are issued, years more before any oil is found and perhaps a decade before any of it begins to flow to refineries.

And what if Congress, after completing a bill Saturday that removes the freeze, changes its mind next year and again puts some of the coastal waters off-limits?

Who wins the Nov. 4 presidential election is the biggest factor.

It’s the government’s oil and gas. The Interior Department, directed by the White House, will have wide discretion over where leases will be made available and how soon.

If McCain is President:

“We will drill offshore and we will drill them now,” Republican nominee John McCain proclaimed at the GOP convention. He probably would direct the department to accelerate its leasing schedule to include the newly opened regions.

If Obama is President:

Democratic Barack Obama is certain to take a more measured approach if elected. While Obama has said he favors limited expansion into areas that have been off-limits, he has given no specifics, and insists it should be done only as part of a broader agenda that promotes alternative energy and conservation.

The oil isn’t 10 years away as they like to say. I’ve heard it said that oil can be flowing in as little as 3-4 years. It’s no time to be a wimp. Drill It Now! Drop the regulations, issue the permits, and let’s get on with it. We need to get out of this mess now, and fix it for good. With the current economic trouble, this could save us in two ways, more jobs and less dependence on countries that would like to think they can bloody our nose while we are weak. We can still develop alternative power while we drill our own oil. In my opinion, everything needs to be fast tracked like we did during WW2. And that also means a President that has determination and a mind of his own. Not one that waits to see what Soros and the daily kos wants him to do.



4 Responses

  1. Congress is going to have to make some changes or they’ll be out on their ass. People are noticing their lack of work ethic for the American people.

  2. This is the worst congress ever. 9% approval. Reid, Pelosi and their cronies have got to go. Geeze, and I thought Dashle was bad.

  3. Yeah. When Pelosi was running on about doing it for the children, we didn’t know democrats were the children she was referring to.

  4. Aint it the truth Swamps….

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