T-boone At It Again

So just why is it that T-boone is backing so many alternative energy plans? In a word, Money. He has made billions in oil and claims he wants to drill, drill, drill. In the mean time he says we should run the country broke developing pie in the sky wind and solar power. Now his latest ad is about natural gas. It’s not new, it was in his original plan, but now he’s using some scare tactics about Iran to persuade us. Basically, he has bought up all the right of ways for the transmission lines for his new power sources, and despite his words to the contrary, the government will pay for most of the developement. That means You and Me through our taxes. He stands to make billions more and that begs the question, Why? He’s 80 years old and can’t take it with him, and I don’t see any great charities he’s backing. More background info Here, Here, and Here.

Steve Milloy has more on T-boone.

“Get this one,” says billionaire T. Boone Pickens in his latest TV ad, “Iran is changing its cars to natural gas and we’re not doing a thing here. They’re doing this to use less oil and sell it for $120 a barrel. We can switch our cars to natural gas and stop sending our dollars to foreign countries.”

Readers of this column know better than to take at face value the marketing of the so-called “Pickens Plan.”

So what’s the full story behind Iran’s move, and what would be the impact of switching our cars to natural gas?

Although Iran is a major oil and gas producer, it lacks oil-refining capacity and must import about 50 percent of its gasoline. To be less vulnerable to international pressure concerning its nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decided to reduce Iran’s reliance on imported gasoline.

He started with rationing in May 2007. But that quickly led to violent social unrest.

Ahmadinejad then decided to convert Iran’s new car fleet to natural gas. So 60 percent of Iran’s car production this year — about 429,000 vehicles — will be dual-fuel-ready, capable of running on both gasoline and natural gas.

But contrary to Pickens assertion, Iran isn’t trying to use less oil:; It’s trying to use less imported gasoline — and only to thwart a possible international gasoline embargo.

So should we use Iran as a role model? Think about that. IRAN…. as a role model.

Read the rest.


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