Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay NOTHING

Have some fun. You could also win some FREE GAS!

Congress is failing to adopt a long-term American energy plan, and it’s standing in the way of developing more American energy now. Common sense is losing out to political posturing.

So, we turn to you – the creative American – to demonstrate in a short video why we must adopt a ‘Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” approach.

Since Congress is not acting to lower your gas prices now, American Solutions will be offering the winner a break – free gasoline for an entire year.

While we all work together to enact a policy of “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less,” one lucky person will be able to “Pay Nothing.”

Videos will be judged on two qualities – substance and creativity.

This is your chance to demonstrate to Congress and the American people why a “Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less” approach is best for your wallet and your country.

Try to think outside-the-box. Here are a few examples:

  • Showcase your sense of humor or your musical talents.
  • Think about pop culture and current events.
  • Think about your favorite movie and how it would have changed with $4/gallon gasoline.

We do ask that you try to follow a few guidelines:

  • Keep your videos short and to-the-point. Videos should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • Keep your focus on the issue, not personal attacks.

For a full FAQ, please go here.

Once all videos are submitted, American Solutions will choose the Top 3.

The Democrats, Republicans, and independents that make up the American Solutions member community will then vote for a winner.

  • August 13th: Contest Begins
  • September 15th: Deadline for Video Submission
  • September 22nd: Top 3 Videos Announced/Voting Begins
  • September 27th: Winner Announced at Solutions Day 2.0


2 Responses

  1. Think of all the great paying jobs that could be created just be cleaning up those oil seeps off the coast of Santa Barbara.

    Santa Barbara is also home to one of the largest oil seep trends ever observed, and in one small area 100 bbls per day seep to the surface, except around an existing producing platform that releases the pressure causing the seeps. 100% of the oil on the beaches in Santa Barbara county, and 50% of the oil on the beaches of LA County are caused by Santa Barbara’s seeps. The local group Stop Oil Seeps advocates drilling there to improve the environment.

    It’s for the environment!

  2. It makes waaaay too much sense for the environuts lead by Arnold. They’d rather see the beaches covered in crude than give one inch on their obviously flawed ideas.

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