Northern California Fire Update: 7-30-08

Smokey Sunset

Some new fires have popped up and some old ones are contained. Contained does not mean out or safe by any means. It only means there is a fireline around it and it is not gaining in size.

• Iron Complex: There are four priority fires: the Eagle Fire was at 22,804 acres and 82 percent contained as of Monday night; the Cedar Fire was at 25,106 acres and 98 percent contained; the Buckhorn Fire was at 12,527 acres and 22 percent contained; and the Carey Fire was at 1,848 acres and 29 percent contained.

• Lime Complex: The Lime Complex has burned 60,561 acres and was 75 percent contained on Tuesday. The Miners Fire was at 23,711 acres and 75 percent contained; the Lime Fire was at 21,718 acres and 50 percent contained.

Hyampom Road remained closed until further notice from about three miles west of the junction with Highway 3 to about two miles west of the junction with Forest Road 10.

• Hell’s Half Complex: The complex has burned 15,146 acres and is 100 percent contained.

The mandatory evacuation for the Dry Lake area has been lifted.

• Yolla Bolly Complex: Four fires on 72,367 acres are 30 percent contained.

The Grouse Fire is at 2,034 acres with zero containment; the Trough Fire is 3,686 acres and 100 percent contained; the Yellow fire is 26,164 acres and 20 percent contained; the Vinegar Fire is at 38,751 acres and 28 percent contained.

• Siskiyou Complex: Fires southwest of Happy Camp have scorched 55,872 acres and are 46 percent contained.

• The Bear Wallow Complex: Two fires in the Marble Mountain Wilderness and Trinity Alps Wilderness have burned 9,054 acres and are zero percent contained.

A 16-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trial north of the Etna Summit has been closed.

The Trinity Alps Wilderness north of Caribou Lakes has been closed.

• Blue 2 Complex: Fires west of the Siskiyou Complex have burned 5,915 acres and are 30 percent contained.

• Ukonom Complex: Fires near Forks of Salmon have burned 38,089 acres and are 30 percent contained.

• Panther Fire: Fire 15 miles southwest of Happy Camp has burned 2,056 acres and is zero percent contained.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, that containment works real well as long as the wind isn’t blowing hard.

  2. There are some mental midgets around here that are complaining about the burnouts because it makes more smoke and they can’t breathe. They can’t grasp the concept of fighting fire with fire. They want the fires out now, with no smoke, and no inconvenience to them. Fricken city dwellers moving into the country and then bitching about the conditions of living in the country.
    That’s why I don’t post a link to the updates. The comments are, well….

  3. Well, big ass fires are what happens when controlled burning, grazing, and logging isn’t permitted.


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