THE MAN is coming to town!

President Bush will be landing at the Redding airport. As my luck goes, I will be at another airport 70 miles away…..:???:    Very Cool Anyway!!!

President Bush will be the third sitting president to visit the Redding area. Harry Truman made a “whistle stop” on a train in 1948 and then John F. Kennedy came in 1963 to dedicated Whiskeytown Dam.

A White House spokesman confirmed Tuesday that President Bush will be arriving early Thursday afternoon on Air Force One at the Redding Municipal Airport to survey north state fire damage.

“He’s coming in,” spokesman Trey Bohn said.

Although an exact time was not given for his arrival, Bohn said Bush will land early afternoon at the Redding airport and will receive a briefing on the wildfires ravaging the north state.

He will then take a helicopter trip from there to inspect the fire damage, Bohn said, adding that Bush also will be making a statement to the media when he returns to the airport.

But it does not appear that Bush will address the general public who arrive at the airport to see him, Bohn said.

“There won’t be much of a public interaction,” he said. “It’s not open to the public, per se.”

Bush will be making the trip to California from Washington, D.C., after first attending the morning funeral for former White House press secretary Tony Snow, who died of cancer Saturday.

He’s also scheduled to attend a private Republican National Committee fundraiser in the Napa area on Thursday after his fire inspection trip and will be flying into Travis Air Force Base, Bohn said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a temporary flight restriction for Redding Municipal Airport, as well as Benton Airpark, that would prohibit general aviation pilots from flying in and out of those facilities during Bush’s visit, said Rod Dinger, the city of Redding’s airports manager.

The temporary flight restriction will not affect air carrier traffic, firefighting air tankers and aircraft, law enforcement, air-ambulance and air cargo flights, he said.

Presidential advance teams began arriving Saturday at Redding Municipal Airport in preparation of the presidential visit, and a spokesman with Mercy Medical Center in Redding also confirmed that hospital officials have been contacted by team members about the visit.

The nature of the contact with the hospital was not disclosed.

A spokeswoman at the Secret Service’s Sacramento field office said she was not authorized to talk about the president’s trip. The Secret Service Web site said that teams of Secret Service agents travel in advance of presidential visits and conduct site surveys, which assess needs for manpower, equipment, hospitals and evacuation routes for emergencies.

Fire, rescue and other public service personnel in the community also are alerted and a lead advance agent coordinates all law enforcement representatives participating in the visit.

Redding Police Chief Leonard Moty said Tuesday that Secret Service personnel contacted the police department last week to alert them of a possible visit by Bush.

Moty said his department is prepared to help provide security for the trip, which will also require assistance from other law enforcement and public safety agencies, such as the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, the California Highway Patrol and the Redding Fire Department.

Moty said his officers would primarily help to provide perimeter control at the airport and that the department has enough personnel to handle the job.

“It does tax our resources a bit, but that’s the way it goes,” he said.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said he and others in his department met Monday with members of the Secret Service advance team to go over the president’s expected visit and will assist agents in helping ensure that Bush remains safe.

“We are working closely with them,” Bosenko said, adding that unexpected national and worldwide events could always cause the presidential trip to be canceled.

He said Bush’s will have only a “minimal” effect on the department’s day-to-day operation.


5 Responses

  1. understatement of the past 7.5 years…

    “There won’t be much of a public interaction,” he said. “It’s not open to the public, per se.”

    when has there ever been any public, non Rangers & Pioneers interaction with this President?

    Is Mount Shasta due a blowing of its top soon?

  2. Sorry you missed him, Robert D.

  3. Crawl back under your rock Hans.

  4. Thanks Swamps. Had last week off. Bad timing….

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