Northern California Fire Update: 7-7-08

5-Day Forecast

Sunny Hi: 112°
Lo: 74°

Hot Hi: 113°
Lo: 73°

Hot Hi: 115°
Lo: 73°

Hot Hi: 113°
Lo: 70°

Sunny Hi: 108°
Lo: 67°

I guess 112 and 108 isn’t considered hot. 😕

The same gusty winds that blew smoke out of the skies over Redding this morning had firefighters worried that new hotspots might flare up in the blazes burning around the north state.

A planned burnout on the 16,700-acre Motion Fire near Lake Shasta’s Dry Creek arm was postponed again today because of the dry conditions and gusts, said California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Mike Witesman.

Firefighters will attack the blaze from the ground, when they can reach the flames in the steep hills above the lake. Helicopters will drop buckets of water, Witesman said.

Today firefighters will work on reinforcing weakened or non-existent fire lines where the Moon and Mary complexes of fires burned together over the holiday weekend near Little Bally mountain southwest of Whiskeytown Lake.

Officials at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area say the 4,800 acre blazes on park land likewise have largely burned into one big fire.

Meanwhile, other fires around the north state generally have held steady since Sunday evening, Witesman and U.S. Forest Service officials said.

Air quality today was listed by air managers at moderately unhealthy in Shasta County.

Shasta-Trinity Lightning Complex:

On Sunday, this complex consisted of 158 fires, with 112 contained, 43 that have merged with other fires and three active blazes. Cal Fire reports 53,600 acres have burned with 55 percent overall containment. The firefighting cost to date is $21.2 million.

The Motion Fire west of Shasta Dam was 50 percent contained. Today, the Martin Mars water bomber leaves Shasta County and heads south to the West Basin Fire burning near Big Sur. The Moon Fire near Ono is at 18,600 acres and 50 percent containment. The Deerlick Fire west of Ono was 16,800 acres and 45 percent contained Sunday.

The Iron Complex:

This series of 16 fires in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest west of Junction City grew just over 100 acres today to 25,846 acres, but kept a 45 percent overall containment.

At present, there are six remaining uncontained fires on the complex, and 10 contained fires. The Cedar Fire is 1,358 acres and 20 percent contained. The Eagle Fire is 7,692 acres and 50 percent contained. The Ironside Fire is 12,111 acres and 70 percent contained. The Zeigler Fire is 841 acres and 50 percent contained. The Denny Fire is 43 acres with zero containment. The Buckhorn Fire is 3,491 acres and 5 percent contained. The Eagle Fire continues to threaten Big Flat and Big Bar.

The Lime Complex:

This series of 70 fires near Hyampom, Hayfork and Platina stayed steady today at 44,055 acres and 68 percent containment. During the night, the fires made some short runs but activity decreased after midnight as humidity increased. Interior islands of unburned fuels continue to burn in contained fires. Numerous fires are burning in remote areas with steep terrain and limited access. The Lime Fire is now 8,536 acres and the Miners Fire is 4,544 acres. The Noble Fire is now 12,756 acres.

The Alps Complex:

This series of 11 fires in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area stayed steady overnight at 791 acres, but firefighters made progress on the blazes and containment jumped from 51 to 65 percent.


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