Update: Fires In Northern California

Smoke billowing from fires burning on Shasta Bally in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

These are the fires burning in the area around me. Just part of the hazards of living in The State of Jefferson.

Firefighters are continuing to battle more than 100 fires in and around Redding today. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Roy Del Carlo said no homes or structures have burned. Listed below is updated information Del Carlo provided at 10:40 a.m. for some of the bigger fires:

The Venture Fire

Del Carlo said this is still holding at 1,000 acres. It’s 40 percent contained. Del Carlo said no structures were lost and evacuation orders have been lifted for residents on Cassel Road. Residents on Sandpit Road are still being kept away. Highways 299 and 89 are open. There have been no injuries reported

Shingletown fires:

Del Carlo said new updates on these fires were not available. At last update, he said the fire was 80 percent contained and holding at 475 acres. Evacuations are still in place and road closures remain the same. On Sunday, some 30 to 40 residents were evacuated.

Parts of Wilson Hill Road, Lake Ridge Drive, Mobile Park Drive, Woodridge Drive and Shingletown Ridge Roads were closed, the Shasta County Sheriff’s office reported.

Kirkman Fire:

Del Carlo said this fire off of Highway 44 near Dersch Road is holding at 2,400 acres. No structures have been lost.

Donkey Mine:

This blaze south of Highway 299 and west of Oak Run Road is holding at 360 acres. No structures are lost or threatened at this point, Del Carlo said.

Democrat Fire:

This fire burning near the town of Keswick is holding at 360 acres, Del Carlo said. No structures are threatened.

“We still have restrictions on Iron Mountain Road north of Rock Creek Road,” Del Carlo said.

Pine Fire

Del Carlo said this fire, formerly called the Backbone Ridge Fire, in the Jones Valley area is holding at 850 acres. No structures have been lost, but Del Carlo said he didn’t have an estimate on how much of the fire had been contained. Residents on Monday had been given notice that they may need to evacuate if the fire shifted. Del Carlo said that advisement stands.

Kilarc Reservoir fire:

A 20-acre blaze burning near the Pacific Gas and Electric Co.-owned lake has not moved much since Monday. There are no homes threatened, Del Carlo said.

Zogg Mine:

This fire in the Igo-Ono area is largely contained at 74 acres, Del Carlo said. No structures have been lost. However, worries that a fire near Platina might spread toward the Ono have residents on edge. They’ve been given notice they may need to evacuate.

Whiskeytown Complex:

Carol Jandrall, a spokeswoman for Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, said fire crews from Oregon and elsewhere have doubled the park’s fire fighting resources.

Crews are fighting four fires totaling more than 1,250 acres on Shasta Bally. Public access to the park has been limited. For more information on the fires and for specific closures in the park, click here .

Latest Available Update 6-25

Latest Available Update 6-26

Latest Available Update 6-27

Latest Available Update 6-28



9 Responses

  1. I’ll try to keep them updated. I was out on a fire today that’s not even listed. Many fires under 30 acres are not being reported in the news. Some that are not threatening homes are being left burning to concentrate on the bigger ones.

  2. Dang, Robert D. Hope the monsoon starts at the beginning of July.

  3. Hey, I saw that Needles was threatening to secede and join Arizona (or was it Nevada?) Regardless, seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to me.

  4. Yeah, the firefighting resources are stretched pretty thin right now. We could use some monsoons.

    I can’t blame anyone for wanting to secede. California is not human friendly.

  5. How many states have you gotten firefighters from? When the 600,000 acre fire was burning north and west of us, there were firefighters from as far away as Texas (and there were other large fires in Florida and Georgia as well that needed fighting).

  6. Dang, y’all got a month or so to wait for meaningful rainfall, I expect.

  7. Oregon, Nevada and the National Guard so far, but up here it only started a week ago. Central CA. started 2 weeks ago.

    We normally don’t get any real rainfall until fall. It’s not an unusually dry year it was just the number of lightening strikes was way above normal. Our guys do a great job, but most are still down south taking care of those fires.

  8. Oh, dang. I thought that y’all might get some of that monsoon moisture like Arizona does in the summer.

  9. That would be nice but when summer starts we are pretty much out of luck for rain.

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