Iceland Police Not Too Bright

The police in Iceland have killed as many polar bears in two weeks as all the oil companies combined have in 48 years.

Authorities in Iceland have been forced to shoot dead a polar bear that had travelled hundreds of kilometres across the north Atlantic Ocean atop an ice floe.

The polar bear, which they had hoped to save, was the second in two weeks to be shot in Iceland, where sightings of the threatened species are rare.

It had apparently travelled several hundred kilometres from its native habitat in Greenland on the ice floe.

Authorities shot dead a polar bear found two weeks ago after claiming they were not equipped to safely apprehend the animal. The case sparked protests from environmentalists and animal rights groups.

As a result, authorities had vowed to stun and capture the second bear and have it shipped in a cage back to Greenland, or give it to a zoo.

But after the bear charged a group of reporters “in a panic”, a police spokesman said, there was “no other choice” but to kill it.

The second bear was first spotted by a 12-year-old girl on a farm near the town of Saudarkrokur, on the Skaga fiord.

The bear was living off birds and their eggs and did not appear to be hungry, said Rax Axelsson, a photographer with the newspaper Morgunbladid.

The Icelandic multimillionaire Bjoergulfur Thor Bjoergulfsson had offered to pay to move the bear to a safe environment.

Just Brilliant! They have an offer to pay to move the bear, they had the opportunity two weeks ago to tranquilize and remove a bear and yet when the opportunity comes again, they kill the bear again. Sounds like the Keystone Kops. They should have just let the bear have one of the paparazzi.


More about Iceland Killing Polar Bears.


6 Responses

  1. No, no. I have to argue with you on letting the bear have one of the reporters. That would obviously be torture to the bear; therefore, the only humane thing to do was to kill him before he got that nasty taste in his mouth.

  2. Sounds like the polar bears are working on world domination one country at a time through illegal immigration.

  3. Darn those oil company execs! I’m sure they thought about killing polar bears which is far worse than actually doing it.

    Or something.

    It doesn’t matter, Jim Hansen is going to have them tried anyway.

  4. Well they should’ve at least him maul a couple of them. I’m sure he’d stop short of eating the slimey bastards. 😆

  5. In the eyes of the loons on the left, the big crime by the oil companies is they didn’t think about the polar bears at all. They didn’t need to because they are doing great on their own, especially since they aren’t hunted to extinction. Any word on how the carribou are doing????

  6. Yeah, they love that pipeline!

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