Schumer Falls For BPA Scare Tactics

Well whoda thunk it? Chucky comes out against the FDA findings, and in favor of Personal Injury Lawyers. I don’t find it at all unusual, in fact it is business as usual. John Edwards will probably be getting in on this action.

Who needs the Food and Drug Administration?
New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and personal injury lawyers certainly don’t — at least to the extent that the agency gets in the way of their political grandstanding and a multimillion-dollar payday, respectively.

This column recently reported on the sad tale of the chemical bisphenol A — that is, how junk science-fueled anti-chemical activists successfully rigged the scientific review process at the federal National Toxicology Program to cast doubt on the safety of BPA, which led to decisions by Wal-Mart and others to stop selling plastic baby bottles made with the chemical.

Steve Milloy has the rest HERE.

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4 Responses

  1. Is it too much to ask for actual f***ing proof from these idiots?

  2. Sadly, it appears it is…….

  3. Was WordPress down for you last night? I couldn’t access you, Nuke, or me either.

  4. Yes it was. I turned it off early, so I don’t know how long it lasted.

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