Battle At Kruger: Buffalo vs Lion

You have got to see this video! It’s the one everybody is talking about. There’s a lesson or three in there, watch it all. It turns out good, I promise.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, dang, I hope that calf survives!

    I’ve always wanted a water buffalo for a pet, but SwampMan says nooooooo.

  2. They have pretty tough hides, and it did get up and away rather quickly, after being released.
    We were caretakers on a Bison ranch for 6 years, and they pretty much take care of everything themselves, birthing, wounds, intruders. And I hear the water buffalo are tougher.

    A lady in Palo Cedro, about 40 miles west of us has a water buffalo, a zebra, ostriches and who knows what else. She rides the buffalo.

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