So. Just What Can We Eat?

It seems that we have another emerging “Earth Shattering” problem being added to the Tree Huggers and Animal Rights people. The Plants Rights People. Now we can’t eat veggies because they may have feelings too. I guess we are supposed to eat dead bark off the trees we hug. What will be left? What is a politically correct person do do?

At the request of the Swiss government, an ethics panel has weighed in on the “dignity” of plants and opined that the arbitrary killing of flora is morally wrong. This is no hoax. The concept of what could be called “plant rights” is being seriously debated.

A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring “account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms.” No one knew exactly what it meant, so they asked the Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology to figure it out. The resulting report, “The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants,” is enough to short circuit the brain.

A “clear majority” of the panel adopted what it called a “biocentric” moral view, meaning that “living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive.” Thus, the panel determined that we cannot claim “absolute ownership” over plants and, moreover, that “individual plants have an inherent worth.”

Yes, plants have an inherent worth. You really know they are alive when they make up such a fine salad, and when you hear them sizzling on the grill, or being fried or sauted (simmered in butter or oil). Darn good eats. They work especially well with a variety of meats. My favorite is Ribeye, or Filet Mignon, but a good old Hamburger with the “fixin’s” will do just fine.

Moonbattery gets all the credit, or blame for me posting this. Here is a fine parody of the Save The Plants people by Arrogant Worms.

Just Give Peas A Chance

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