Open Letter To Environmentalists

This is an open letter from John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, regarding the global warming cult.

Thank you for your dedication to protecting our environment. Clean air and clean water are essential to preserving life on planet Earth. Protecting all species and natural lands and forests are admirable priorities. Recycling and a green lifestyle are wonderful. Making the environment the most important thing in your life is a good thing, not a problem. I support you.

But we do have a problem. You have vigorously embraced the Global Warming predictions of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are using the warning of uncontrollable warming and a resulting environmental calamity to campaign for elimination of fossil fuels. Your environmentally conscious friends in politics and in the media have united with you to create a barrage of news reports, documentaries, TV feature reports, movies, books, concerts and protest events to build support for your goals. The war against fossil fuels has become a massive scare campaign that is giving children nightmares.

Here’s what’s wrong with that: the science is not valid. There is no Global Warming underway and the science on which the computer projections of weather chaos are based is wrong. Dead wrong.

I know many scientists are part of your movement and they have tried hard to give your uncontrollable climate change panic a scientific basis. The UN Climate Change Panel has a large staff, a big budget, a headquarters in Geneva and a strong champion in Al Gore to lead the charge. And thousands of well-intentioned politicians and the media of the world have supported your movement. It must seem to you that there can be no doubt: fossil fuels are destroying the environment and will lead to uncontrollable global warming unless we act now. With all that powerful support for your anti-fossil fuel movement, and with the worthy goal of saving the planet from the disastrous consequences of runaway Global Warming, how can you fail?

Here’s how: The science behind your global warming scare is bad and no anthropogenic global warming is happening. Dissenting scientists have now produced convincing evidence that the cornerstone of your scientific argument, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide forcing a rapid, irreversible rise in temperature, is invalid. All of the various “signs of global warming” you have so widely publicized have been proven wrong. They are normal variations in climate that result mostly from the cycles of the Sun. As the Sun cycle has changed in the last three or four years, they have reversed themselves. Arctic ice melting and polar bears dying, shrinkage of glaciers and the rise of ocean levels, increased intensity and number of hurricanes and intensified droughts have all been touted as signs of global warming. They are not. They are part of this natural variation in climate. The intensified hurricane claim never happened. Katrina was an isolated, random event. The droughts are part of the natural cycle and are reversing at this time. Glaciers are stabilizing. The Arctic ice cap is already back to normal.

Here is what I am suggesting you do. Campaign for your environmental goals on the basis of their own merit. Let go of the global warming frenzy before it leaves you discredited and embarrassed. Stop screaming, “The sky is falling.” It is not.

Do your good work. Devote your lives to our environment. In many ways you will succeed. We are all grateful for your love of the planet. But, don’t use scare tactics.

Most of all I urge you not to become extremists. And, may I encourage you to live your lives in a loving way, love your fellow human beings and our wonderful advanced standard of living and way of life as much as you love the Earth.

My very best regards,

John Coleman

P.s. – If you will read my briefs on the science that debunks the global warming frenzy and follow the links there, you will begin to realize the folly of Global Warming.

Go to for a starter.


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12 Responses

  1. I just love it when true scientist’s expose the hoaxers and snake oil merchants. have you ever noticed that many of these same culprits were dooming the Earth in the seventies as a result of global cooling?

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  3. Yes I have. I’ve lived through all the Save the Planet scams they have come up with since it started, and not one has turned out to be true.

  4. If we are having global warming, why did the citrus growing region diminish from about 1/3 of the way up into Georgia in the 1830s (including the lower portion of coastal South Carolina) to just barely north of Florida in coastal Georgia in the 1890s to major producers just south of Jacksonville in the 1970s (I remember those orange groves) to only central Florida and south in the 1990s? Shouldn’t those commercial orange groves be reaching the North Carolina border by now if we’re warming at such a rapid rate, instead of having the commercial citrus territory diminished by citrus killing freezes to central and south Florida?

    The sea level has been increasing @ 2mm a year over the last hundred years or about 8″ a century. There hasn’t been a radical increase in the change of sea level. Trust me, we would notice. Since we’re sitting at 20′ above sea level, it looks like I’m gonna have to wait a real long time before I have oceanfront property, Al Gore’s promises aside.

    Perhaps this is some strange mutant global warming that leaves the subtropics cooler while simultaneously turning Canada into a land where people are living in swimming suits year round..

  5. Go ALL THE WAY back to the 1970’s to get facts? What do you think these people are made of anyway?

  6. They obviously haven’t looked at any history books, and that includes our elected losers.

  7. Yep, seems there’s been a of Kool-Aid in the water lately.

  8. Nothing like jumping in on the ass end of a questionable theology.

  9. I had a whole rant worked up here. Something scrambled it. In essence it said, where in the hell are our elected officials leading us? They don’t let us do anything to help sustain our way of life, and grab on to the next great scare tactic coming down the pike. We, at least you and I, know mother nature is in charge and our presence here on this planet is but a second compared to the life of earth. What egos the tree hugging, eco-environmentalists have. I believe in a clean environment too, but damn, there has to be some balance to all this hysteria. Not one, of the many disasters has come true since I heard the first one in the early 70’s.

  10. Well, there’s whole new generations of folks to scare that are even less inclined to look up the facts than we were.

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  12. And they have the full cooperation of the media. And most of the numbnuts that run the country.

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