The Earth Can Heal Without Our Help

Who’da Thunk It? With all of the crying and whining about saving saving the planet, it seems it might be better to leave well enough alone. (bold is mine)

Half a century after the atomic blasts that devastated Bikini Atoll, vast expanses of corals in the area seem to be flourishing once again, much to the surprise of scientists.
American government scientists detonated a hydrogen bomb on the tiny island (a part of the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific) on March 1, 1954, and about 20 other nuclear tests were carried out on the atoll between 1946 and 1958.
Many of the natives were moved to Kili Island and today are compensated by the United States government.
Code-named Castle Bravo, the hydrogen bomb was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever exploded at the time at 15 megatons, making it 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II.
The massive explosion vaporized everything on three islands in the atoll, raised water temperatures to 55,000 degrees and left a crater that was 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) wide and 240 feet (73 meters) deep.
A team of scientists recently led a diving expedition into Bravo Crater and found an unexpectedly thriving coral community.
“I didn’t know what to expect — some kind of moonscape perhaps. But it was incredible, huge matrices of branching Porites coral (up to 8 meters [25 feet] high) had established, creating a thriving coral reef habitat,” said study team member Zoe Richards of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University.
“Throughout other parts of the lagoon it was awesome to see coral cover as high as 80 percent and large tree-like branching coral formations with trunks 30 centimeters [12 inches] thick.”
A nearby atoll is likely seeding the coral recovery, the scientists think, and because the island is rarely visited, the coral is left to recover.
Richards said that the healthy condition of the Bikini corals was a sign of the resilience of corals after a major disturbance, if left undisturbed to recuperate.

They did have to add this however

The news wasn’t all good however, as there was a disturbingly high level of loss of coral species from around the atoll.
Forty-two species of corals are missing compared to a study made before the atomic tests were carried out.
Though ambient radiation readings are fairly low at Bikini, radioactive material accumulates in the soil and in produce such as coconuts, making them unsafe to eat.
It is unlikely that the Bikini natives will be able to return to the atoll in the near future, the scientists said.

But I wouldn’t worry too much. After all, they did say nothing would ever live there again and after only 50 years there is not only life, but Incredible and Awesome growth of the coral. There is also food on the island. And the scientists are once again surprised. Why? Because we have been brainwashed into believing the worst about America and it’s technology. So, what about nuclear power now? What about the 1000 year Half Life we have been told about? Maybe, just maybe, that was another stretch of the truth? After all, nuclear power has only been around for about 50 years, so what can we know about it’s Half Life?

The Moonbats, Treehuggers, Greenies and Gloworms still hate it, so as long as the liberals have a say we won’t have any choice. Just like the BILLIONS of barrels of oil going to waste in ANWAR and off of our coastlines that could sustain us until we can get away from the Mideast oil cartel, the liberals cannot even see the the obvious. Nuclear power is not the evil monster it was made out to be.

It’s kind of ironic that the French, which the liberals want us to be more like, get almost 80% of their power from nuclear power plants without a problem.


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