My Neck Of The Woods

Just a few pictures we have taken in our area. Click picture to enlarge. Click again for detail.

Our Road In Winter

Burney Falls

Mount Shasta

In Our Yard

In a Field East of Adin

7 Responses

  1. That’s beautiful, Bob.

    Are you getting any significant snowfall? I just saw that there’s widespread snow in Washington state.

  2. Thanks Swamps. No snow and no rain either…. 😦

    But I did fix all the pictures. Click on the pictures to enlarge, click again to really explore. 🙂

  3. I looked over all the water real careful like, and I didn’t see any eyes sneaky peekin’ up outta the water.

  4. The water in the Mt. Shasta picture is full of critters. it’s rare to get a picture with the water so calm and no wildlife in it.

  5. I think Mt. Shasta lake there needs some ‘gators. The water just don’t look right without ’em.

  6. That’s Funny! The lake is in McArthur, and is part of the PG&E land called The Swamp or the Rat Farm. It does look like gator water until about noon when the wind comes up and makes it look like the ocean. Hmmm, ocean? That may be why the pelicans like it so much.
    Just for reference to the size of Mt. Shasta, it’s 50 miles away in that photo.

  7. Oh, BTW. You Floridians are way too tough for us. The Weather, gators, pythons, fire ants, hanging chads. Am I forgetting anything? 😛

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