One More Time: CO2 Is NOT a Pollutant!

The Goracle and his cult of Kool-Aid drinkers are cranking up the Global Warming Hoax smear machine to the tune of 300 million dollars. And this is after he says “a very tiny minority” of people don’t believe in global warming. So why all the money to convince so few people? Because he lies. And those lies are coming to light. First: Global warming is not caused by humans. Second: The warming stopped in 1998. Third: CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT!

Things are really getting strange out there. Here’s how it all started. Last year the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant. This was an amazingly stupid ruling. In doing so they gave the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the legal power to control it’s emission into the atmosphere from cars, trucks and you name it probably lawn mowers, charcoal grills and cigarettes. Now the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal is suing the EPA to make them regulate the emission of carbon dioxide from Connecticut vehicles. Actually it’s Connecticut and about 17 other states that are doing this, of course the movement started in Massachusetts where Michael Dukakis learned that dirty water can lose you a presidential election a few years back.

The crazy part of all of this is that the Supreme Court made such a terrible ruling about CO2 in the first place. Carbon dioxide is NOT A POLLUTANT! Al Gore will tell you it is but he got a D and a C in the only intro science classes he took at Harvard so he is hardly the one to listen to. Besides he has a company in England, Generation Investment Management that makes money by scaring people about global warming. By the way do you know what a nursery will do to increase plant growth in their green houses? They pump it full of carbon dioxide, three times the levels that exist in the atmosphere. How can something that makes things grow be “a dangerous pollutant”. The answer is it can’t! Carbon dioxide is essential for life on our planet. Carbon dioxide gives and makes life possible. If carbon dioxide levels drop below 200 parts per million things stop growing. Carbon dioxide is plant food not poison, unbelievable. So something that makes life possible on our planet is now pollution apparently because it comes out of an exhaust of a car or some other motor that burns fossil fuels.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute video is back.

Well guess what else comes out of the exhaust of a car, yup water vapor. Oh it’s not very much, just a small amount but it’s still there. So what are we to do, I know lets call that pollution too! After all it makes things grow just like carbon dioxide. It’s at the root of all life on Earth just like carbon dioxide so what the hell let’s get water on the pollution list as well. We can regulate water with government laws made by attorney “generals” that circumvent the legislature with lawsuits so they can make their own laws. This is how much sense the Supreme Courts ruling makes. If you�er going to call carbon dioxide pollution apparently you must add water vapor to the list as well if not now then somewhere in the future. This is the twisted logic the Supreme Court of the United States has given us. We are dealing with a brave new world of global warming hysteria that defies historical common sense. Is this what they warned us about when the stories years ago talked about the dumbing down of America? Love that dirty water. Remember the song from the 60s? It was written about the Charles River in Massachusetts where it all began.

Source: ICECAP


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  1. “let’s get water on the pollution list as well.”

    That is hilarious! It would work exactly the same way.

    Activist are so against CO2 that they now want to change american government high school text books from saying this:

    “On the one hand, a warmer globe will cause sea levels to rise, threatening coastal communities; on the other hand, greater warmth will make it easier and cheaper to grow crops and avoid high heating bills.”

    CO2 helps those plants too!
    you can read about it here
    or here

  2. Hi Robert,

    Just found your site this morning. It’s amazing the extent to which the left-leaning liberals will go in this country (and around the world) to declare anything they deem a pollutant needing regulation. I’ve been covering the hidden agenda of the global warming movement on my climate change blog for some time now and would like to blog your article as well. This message needs to get out and the more people that read it, the better.

    Best of luck with your blog. I’ll be back by to read more of your global warming articles. Glad you’re one of the good guys on this debate!

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  4. Thank you. The linkback is appreciated.

  5. Heh. Guess there are a lot of global warming deniers out here.

  6. The weatherman last night assured us that the record cold temperatures in Florida in April will be from……

    da da DUM…..

    global warming. (gasp)

    I blame NBC.

  7. Yep, and ice causes volcanoes. Idiots!!!

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  9. I couldn’t agree more, here is my take on the subject

    The Gorbonaughts have gone off the deep end this time. I can’t believe the extent they are going to on this hoax. I only hope enough people realize they are being fed a lie and stop the kool aid drinkers before it cost us dearly.


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