The Cult Doesn’t Like The Truth

From Glenn Beck and NewsBusters.

The gloworms are getting nervous. As more proof of the Global Warming Lie comes to light, the Goracle’s cult turns to strongarm tactics.


3 Responses

  1. Well, there are a lot of people that will listen to Al Gore’s bull instead of checking out the weather for themselves.

  2. Sub-arctic creatures have been turning up in Florida coastal waters. The media and “scientific” conclusion? Global warming….er, climate change indicated by raising water temperatures!

    Now why in the hail would sub-arctic creatures decide the ocean was too warm (yeah, I know the ocean has been cooling but apparently scientists and reporters do not know this) and therefore instead of heading toward the north pole, swim to Florida?

  3. They heard Cubans taste like chicken?

    Really though, any quirk of nature is now being blamed on global climate warming change. Knee jerk reactions have taken over for any worthwhile study.

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