Global Cooling: Signs Say Yes

I’ve found a couple of great articles pointing out the continued global cooling trend. The first points out our continuing winter, the record snowfall, and the unusual places it has snowed.


A rare winter snowstorm dusted South Africa’s commercial capital Johannesburg early on Wednesday June 26 closing mountain passes and claiming at least one life. ‘SNOWBURG’ trumpeted the headline of Johannesburg’s Star newspaper. Gleeful children built snowmen in Johannesburg’s Zoo Lake Park, while families could be seen carrying snowballs back to their cars, fast melting souvenirs of the city’s first significant snowfall, the first real snowfall in more than a generation.

On July 9th 2007, thousands of Argentines cheered in the streets of Buenos Aires got covered by snow. The Argentinean capital was white again after nearly a century.

Last time it snowed there was June 22nd 1918. It snowed for the first time in history in some towns of the Santa Fe Province. The snow event followed a bitterly cold month of May that saw subfreezing temperatures, the coldest in 40 years in Buenos Aires. That cold wave contributed to an energy crisis and dozens of deaths. This 2007 May figured among the coldest in recent decades also in Uruguay and Southern Brazil.

Then came summer but the cold didn’t give up entirely, January 10 saw snow in southern Argentina hilly areas, the equivalent of a July snow in Denver.

In Australia which experienced its coldest June on record, Australian ski resorts enjoyed the best season in seventeen years with snow dumping across New South Wales and Victoria. Summer there too was cool and ended very early with snow by late February (the equivalent of our August). We have barely had a summer this year,” said Gary Grant, New South Wales Perisher Blue’s general manager of marketing. “It’s felt as though it’s remained cold since the end of the 2007 season, apart from a few warm days, there air has always had a nip in it.”

In September, Antarctica set a new record for ice extent in the satellite era and ironically stayed at record high levels through much of this past summer. Currently the ice extent is running 60% ahead of last year at this time.


The trend for record snows in some unusual areas continued but even some normally snowy areas had all time records snowfall. In the United States the heavy snow band ran from the Pacific Northwest through the Central Rockies across the Plains and Upper Midwest, Great Lakes into northern New England. The snow was even heavier in southern Canada.

In the Oregon Cascades, the snow was so heavy, roofs were collapsing. In Steamboat Springs, CO, over 100 inches fell in every winter month for the first time ever and set a new record for seasonal snowfall with 450 inches with weeks more to go. Rendevous Bowl which has a 33 year average of 320 inches, had 566 inches as of March 25.

Madison, Wisconsin blew away there all-time snow record 100.4 inches of snowing exceeding their old record by 33%! New seasonal snowfall records were set in Michigan in places like Ann Arbor , in Ohio where Youngstown had well over 100 inches, 52” above normal and for the winter (December through February for Burlington, VT and Concord, NH.

Much More Here

Now we have this from Anthony Watts. It’s about the solar cycle that hasn’t started yet, and may portend more an extended cooling.

Solar cycle minimum at the earliest in second half of 2008?

Current SOHO: The Sun is blank again

The outlook for solar activity continues to be pushed further back as cycle 23 spots continue, such as the group of 3 seen last week, but no cycle 24 spots are being seen. NASA’s convened panel of scientists obviously missed their mark of consensus in predicting cycle 24 would start in March 2008. There is growing concern over the delay in the start of cycle 24. Now a new prediction portends more delay. If we go to May or later before the solar min is reached, cycle 23 will be the longest cycle since the late 1800s. Now it is looking like cycle 24 may not get started until late 2008 or early 2009.

The rest is here: Watts Up With That?

You can decide for yourself, but considering global warming stopped in 1998 and cooling has begun, I’d say the Goracle has explaining to do. Of course he won’t debate anyone on the real facts, so we have to decide for ourselves.


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