Boxer’s Twisted Panties: Another View


Here’s another reason for not wasting time on a problem that isn’t there.

It could pass for stand-up comedy if the implications weren’t so grave. America is now in its seventh week lacking protection from terrorism because the Democratic Congress refuses to renew the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Don’t worry, they’re not wasting time. Senate Democrats were busy this week pining about the fate of the Arctic’s polar bears.

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee head Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., charged that “the Bush Administration is violating the law” because the Interior Department missed a deadline on whether to add polar bears to the endangered species list.

“These species do not have an indefinite time to be saved,” Boxer warned. “Time is running out for the polar bear, and time has run out for this decision.”

Maybe Boxer thinks polar bears would be more effective against al-Qaida operatives than a government being able to foil their plots ahead of time by listening in on terrorists’ communications without waiting for a warrant. Funnier still, the world polar bear population has actually doubled in recent decades to nearly 25,000.

Just don’t call them a Do Nothing Congress. The rest is HERE.

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  2. I didn’t want another view!

  3. oh, sorry Swamps….

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