Sen. Boxer’s Panties In a Twist

Babs has her panties all in a twist because she’s having a hard time getting the next “spotted owl” listed as an endangered species. It seems she’s in a rush to get the Polar Bear listed before time runs out. She says time is running out for the polar bear. I say it is running out for global warming, and the liberal loons have a need for another poster child to keep up the global warming fraud. And a little thing called ANWAR.


Capitol Hill ( – Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne declined to appear before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Tuesday for an oversight hearing on the department’s delay on deciding whether to list the polar bear as an endangered species.

The committee chairman called Kempthorne’s decision a “slap at the committee.”

“This listing is months overdue in violation of the law,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chairman of the committee.

“Sadly, despite the peer-reviewed scientific evidence, despite the opinion of scientists in our own government, despite the fact that we have a strong, successful law to protect imperiled species – the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – the Bush administration continues to break the law by failing to make a final decision to list the polar bear,” she said.

“The Bush administration does not have the right or discretion to ignore the law,” Boxer said. She also intimated that she might compel Kempthorne to testify before the committee.

There are legal reasons for Kempthorne not being there, and you can read them at the link at the bottom of the page. But what is the rush to list an animal that might have a problem in 50 years?

“It would be a mistake to list the presently healthy and sustainable polar bear populations as a threatened species under the ESA,” testified William Horn, former assistant secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks during the Reagan administration.

“Such action will produce a variety of adverse consequences including creating an ESA listing precedent that opens Pandora’s Box in the form of other unwarranted listings that will diminish resources available for bona fide wildlife conservation and recovery efforts, setting the stage for new rounds of litigation and judicial activism to turn the ESA into a regulatory monster of unprecedented proportions, and harming existing successful polar bear conservation and management programs,” Horn added.

“A decision to list a presently healthy species – exhibiting no present trajectory toward endangerment based on large scale hemispheric models forecasting problems 50 years in the future is a radical departure from the language of the ESA,” he said.

“It pushes the decision horizon far into the genuinely unseeable future, is predicated on uncertain intervening events where it is difficult if not impossible to tie those events directly to specific on-the-ground situations and will likely precipitate the subsequent listing of an array of otherwise healthy species which might also be forecast to face problems a half century or more from now.”

Horn added, “Listing today’s healthy polar bear populations as threatened will open the gate to new rounds of litigation and judicial activism that will likely turn the ESA into a regulatory monster of unprecedented proportions.”

He further noted that the ESA and the Fish and Wildlife Service have no expertise in the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The rush is twofold. The left needs another Poster Child for the ESA to keep up the Global Warming Fraud.

But I believe the real reason is to close ANWAR for good. They are in a hurry to list the polar bear, not out of concern or compassion. They see a chance to kill two birds with one stone. ANWAR is the big target. The left has been trying to permanently close it to drilling for decades now. The rest is just icing on the cake.
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Boxer’s Twisted Panties: Another View


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  1. Hi, I’m shamelessly going around to conservative (or even moderate) blogs promoting my conservative humor blog,

    Once I get enough hits I’m going to expand it to include guest articles… maybe you’d be interested?

  2. Heh. It isn’t like polar bears are cute and cuddly widdle cweatures, either. They’ll happily dine on anybody they can get hold of.

    I say they should be way more in danger of extinction than what they are.

  3. They’ll do just fine without any help. Notice how ANWAR is not even being mentioned? Let’s just help the poor polar bear…..yeah right.

  4. I think she should go on a fact-finding mission to examine the polar bears very, very closely. Maybe she can try to cuddle a little cub and bond with the mother bear.

  5. I’d even donate for that trip. 😆

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