Lying Comes Easy For The Clintons


The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chelsea has the lying gene too. How could she avoid it?

Clinton told about 250 people at N.C. State that her mother, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, would work to repair the nation’s reputation abroad.

“I think the world will breathe a sigh of relief when this president is gone,” Clinton said, criticizing Bush for pulling out of various accordings, including the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.

The Senate voted Kyoto down 95-0 in 1997 under Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Here’s another lie

“Is a vote for Hillary a vote for Bill? No. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary,” she said. “I’m really proud of what my father did in the ’90s, but I don’t think you should vote for or against my mother based on my father.”

Everybody on the planet knows that’s about as big as a lie gets. It’s always been a two for one deal and they don’t hide the fact.

Yep, the littlest Clinton is a mirror image of her parents, right down to the sense of entitlement.

She also couldn’t avoid questions about her father, good or bad.

An audience member at N.C. State also pressed Clinton to discuss the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Clinton declined to discuss her father’s relationship with the White House intern, drawing applause when she told the young man that it was none of his business.

Just one last tidbit here.

In response to a question about NASA funding, Clinton said the budgets of many scientific programs have either stayed flat or been cut. She pointed to Bush’s veto of stem cell research bills.

“We don’t know what we have lost under this administration,” she said.

Well, I for one, know what we lost under her father’s administration. We lost our military, our pride, and our dignity. Maybe if her dad wasn’t so busy having sex in the oval office, he might have noticed the warnings of things to come.

She can sure sling the bull, but can’t tell the truth or answer a real question. Maybe we can’t blame her for it, after all, just look at those two fine examples she had growing up.



5 Responses

  1. I’ll have to call her not only a liar but a damned liar on the last one, too:

    Scientists have only been able to do experiments with human embryonic stem cells (hESC) since 1998, when a group led by Dr. James Thomson at the University of Wisconsin developed a technique to isolate and grow the cells. Moreover, federal funds to support hESC research have only been available since August 9, 2001, when President Bush announced his decision on federal funding for hESC research. Because many academic researchers rely on federal funds to support their laboratories, they are just beginning to learn how to grow and use the cells. Thus, although hESC are thought to offer potential cures and therapies for many devastating diseases, research using them is still in its early stages.

    It wasn’t daddy in 1998 or 1999 or 2000 that approved federal funding for stem cell research. It was George Bush.

  2. Yep, good catch Swamps. I’d all but forgotten about that pesky little detail. Guess it got lost after 9-11-01, when Bush went to work trying to clean up the mess that Clinton caused.

  3. How many people do you suppose are similarly unaware of the facts?

  4. Half of the people on the left. The other half don’t worry about the facts.

    But, it was a big deal, and it has been repeatedly lied about, so even some on the right have forgotten. (a little red faced here myself) 😳

  5. The thing is, Robert D, you knew previously that it was not true.

    Some of those brain-dead cow equivalents mooing about change can’t seem to get their minds around it.

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