Al Gore’s 10 Errors, Old And New

Great article here from Lord Christopher Mockton via ICECAP.

Al Gore no longer gives interviews to the Press except where the interviewer has been carefully pre-selected for his sycophancy and for his lack of elementary knowledge of climate science. Likewise, Gore no longer takes questions from the audience at any public meeting unless he is sure that no one in the audience knows anything of climatology. The interview from which the following list of Gore’s latest scientific errors and exaggerations was compiled appeared in India Today on 17 March 2008.

Error 1: “‘Global warming’ is a planetary emergency. It is a crisis and we have to find ways to come to an agreement to reduce the carbon dioxide.”

The facts: There is no “planetary emergency”. Nor is there a “crisis”. If there is an “emergency” or a “crisis”, it is certainly not caused by “global warming”. The increase in global temperatures between 1980 and 1998, when “global warming” stopped, was only half of the small increase shown in the official temperature records (McKitrick, 2006, 2007 in press). In the decade since 1998 there has been no statistically-significant increase in global temperature (HadCRUt3, 2008; US NCDC, 2008; RSS,2008; UAH MSU, 2008; etc.). In the seven years since early 2001, the trend of global temperature has been downward at a rate equivalent to more than 0.4degrees Celsius (0.75 F) per decade:


Error 2: “Today we the people of this planet would put another 70m tons of global warmingpollution into the earth’s atmosphere.”

The facts: “Global warming pollution” is Gore’s favorite phrase for “carbon dioxide.” However, CO2 is not a pollutant, but a naturally-occurring gas. Together with chlorophyll and sunlight, it is an essential ingredient in photosynthesis and is, accordingly, plant food. The reconstruction of palaeoclimatological CO2 concentrations below, taken from Berner (2001), demonstrates that carbon dioxide concentration today is almost at its lowest level since the Cambrian era 550 million years ago, when there was almost 20 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere as there is today, without any threat to animal or plant life, and without causing the “runaway greenhouse effect” that Gore likes to mention:

See larger image here.

See all ten errors HERE.

7 Responses

  1. At this point, I think this debate is several years too late. Wide majorities accept the science that points toward global warming. Out governing bodies are changing policy in reaction to that science.

    The end result so far has been positive. Industries are blossoming and evolving to support renewable energy and environmentally friendly practices. R&D is being used to cut down on corporate waste and pollution. What we’re finding is that good environmental policy is also good business policy.

    The threat of global warming has initiated positive change on a global scale. Whether or not you believe in the science behind it doesn’t change the end result.

  2. Read my previous post to see where that’s leading us.

  3. Your post takes no account whatsoever of emerging opportunities in business. New industries are already sprouting up, and old industries are using new technologies to cut costs.

    The coal train killed the horse. The oil-driven automobile killed the train. Renewable energy is about to kill oil. What’s so bad about innovation?

  4. Innovation is fine. But not when it’s going to break the country and is achieved through intimidation extortion and lies. And there is no reliable renewable energy source, except nuclear, and that is the “big taboo”.

  5. Yep. I see all kinds of industries/studies/lab results touted as the next greatest savior of mankind. I haven’t seen any actually working out really well.

    New industries springing up to fix something that wasn’t a problem to begin with seems like a total waste of time and money.

  6. My point exactly! And “Carbon Credits” being bought and sold from a company that he started is Fraud beyond belief….

  7. […] now, since global warming stopped 10 years ago, that shouldn’t be a problem. The Shasta glaciers have been advancing since the end of a […]

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