Want to save energy? Turn off the lights


John C. Dvorak from PCMAG.COM has some things to say about the Green movement. Here’s an excerpt from his article about CFL’s. There’s a lot more in his article, but it seems we share the same disdain for the little squiggly #$*@!!’s.

What bothers me most about the green movement is the arrogance — the greener-than-thou attitude — of many participants.Combine these people with the dummies who just go along with the flock regarding what is best for mankind — er, personkind — and you have a dunce brigade telling everyone what to do.One of my favorites is the movement toward cheap, Chinese-made compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs).

These things do save energy, but at what cost to the environment? They are loaded with mercury, which I can assure you will end up in landfills leaching mercury into the water and fish that the greeners so dearly love.

Seldom will these lightbulbs be “disposed of properly.” Exactly what does that mean, anyway? Who do you call? The mercury-removal company?

To most people, “dispose of properly” means throw it in the recycle bin, where it will get busted up and contaminate everything in the bin.

One specious argument says that using CFLs will reduce the need for electricity, thus reducing the mercury from coal-powered electric plants for a net mercury loss.

In fact, people will just keep these lights on all over the place.

When has anything taming the overall demand for electricity resulted in burning less coal? We wouldn’t need CFLs if we just turned off the blasted lights!

Personally, I do not like CFLs because they do not generate any heat. I like my bulbs hot so they can kill the stray mosquito that accidentally gets into the house and wanders toward the light.

There are always a few odd dead bugs around a good 100-watt incandescent bulb. This is disease prevention as far as I’m concerned.

And the heat from the bulbs helps warm the house in the winter, saving on fuel costs. Heat does warm the air, right? It’s not a complete waste, as the CFL lobby wants you to believe.

Here’s the rest from Fox News.


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6 Responses

  1. I like ’em because they save me money on my ‘lectric bill.

  2. They don’t fit my fixtures for one thing. And it’s the whole forced compliance in CA that really pisses me off.

  3. I have been using these lamps for about 10 years. I filled a house with them, sold the house, then filled a new house with them.

    They do save money on electricity.

    But the lamps are very expensive, and the claimed long life does not seem to materialize. Also, many of them are very dim for the first five minutes or so.

    I have become disillusioned with the failure rate. For the last few year I have been marking the base of the lamps with the date that they are installed. Typical claims are that they last 10,000 hours, but I find that they probably last less than half of that.

    Dimness is a problem. As the lamps age it takes longer and longer for them to come to full brightness, perhaps as long as five minutes. This causes me to leave the lights on if I expect to be back in a room in half an hour. In areas of the house that are seldom used, and used only for short periods of time, they may never get to full brightness before you leave.

    As for the mercury: Supposedly they will have less in the future. But if there is ANY mercury in the future lamps after we are force by law to transition, then there will probably be some expensive ritual (also enforced by law) that we will have to follow to dispose of them.

    Best regards,

  4. Some very good points Tom. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Tom, after reading your comment again, I am wondering if the savings in the electric bill outweighs the original cost of the bulbs. That, along with the bulbs not working with dimmer switches, shorter life than advertised, and disposal problems seem to shoot down the benefits. (if you come back, try to post your link again, or just post the URL and I will try to post it)

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