Reducing C02: You Are Next To Go

How far will it go? You are a threat to the earth every time you exhale, and as such, how long will it be before they come after you? They complain about our power plants emitting CO2, factories emitting CO2, vehicles emitting CO2, they even complain about cow farts! When will they come after you? I’m no scientist, but I’d be willing to bet, with all the people on earth emitting CO2 with every breath it adds up to more than cow farts. Could we be next? Think about where we’re headed.

The federal government soon may declare your very breath to be toxic regardless of its minty freshness.

Consistent with last spring’s Supreme Court ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency may regulate carbon dioxide as a hazardous air pollutant, the agency is evaluating how CO2 could be regulated as a hazardous substance under its notorious Superfund program, according to Carbon Control News from March 4.

Do you realize the can o worms that is opening? Anything that breathes oxygen is a polluter under this law. It’s like the small steps they take to get your guns from you. Declare something hazardous, get it on the books and expand it from there. You’d better look out for this one, you may be next. And just for the record: Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant. It is an essential part of life on earth!

Well, YouTube pulled the original video. Sorry, it was so fitting. Here’s another video explaining Carbon Dioxide and its place on earth. Go to This Link to see about the censorship.

Here’s one of the originals.

Here’s the rest


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