It’s Not Easy Being Green

Here is one of the problems I have with the Save The Planet movement. There is a knee jerk reaction to every idea that seems to save the world. There’s no real study given to the other side of the argument, and that is the problem. Here’s just one example. Driving an electric car, or a hybrid, uses three times more WATER than driving a regular car.

In the study, Carey W. King and Michael E. Webber note that policy makers often neglect the impact that fleets of hybrid and electric vehicles could have on already-scarce water resources. They calculated water usage, consumption, and withdrawal during petroleum refining and electricity generation in the United States.

Each mile driven with electricity consumes about three times more water (0.32 versus 0.07-0.14 gallons per mile) than with gasoline, the study found.

“This is not to say that the negative impacts on water resources make such a shift undesirable,” King and Webber emphasized. “Rather this increase in water usage presents a significant potential impact on regional water resources and should be considered when planning for a plugged-in automotive economy.”

The article, “The Water Intensity of the Plugged-In Automotive Economy” is scheduled for the June 1 issue of Environmental Science & Technology.

I am fortunate enough to live in the mountains around the trees, lakes, rivers and wildlife. And I want it preserved as much, if not more, than anyone. But let’s not say yes to every idea that is thrown out there without some study.

Science Daily


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