The Global Warming Cult

That’s why we call him The Goracle. His followers will drink the Kool Aid and repeat after him, the earth has a fever. We’re all gonna die in 10 years. The icecaps are melting. But now their having to change their story because their gloom and doom predictions just aren’t working out for them, and this started with the name swap to Climate Change. I found a good article on this at American Thinker.


When True Believers begin to harbor doubts, they don’t immediately give up the faith. It’s too scary; too much pride and money has been invested; too many jobs and reputations are on the line; and they need to find a new reason to live. So they always try to add on new wrinkles and qualifications to their crumbling story.

Today that’s happening with the global warming cult.

“Human-caused global warming” has now officially been re-named “climate change” to explain the inconvenient truth that the winter of 2007-8 was the coldest in a century, in spite of all those tons of “greenhouse gas” being spewed into the air from all the new factories in China and India. Worldwide temps dropped 0.6 of a degree C in one year. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s more than all the ballyhooed warming in the preceding century.

If you want to see cult therapy at work, read John Tierney in The New York Times. Tierney is a skeptic who now conducts recovery therapy for the faithful on his Tierney Lab page. It looks like someone at the NYT has finally caught on to the hoax but won’t admit it. So they hired Tierney to break it to the True Believers as gently as possible. Watch how the readers’ blogs are resisting his gentle skepticism; it scares them. They are just Obama suckers who would have fallen for Bill Clinton, when he still had his magic mojo.

In the 1960s social psychologists studied a doomsday cult which made the big mistake of predicting the day of Armageddon. When that day came and went without crisping the world, the cult leaders didn’t admit they were wrong. Instead, they discovered reasons why doomsday had been postponed. It was a triumph of faith over facts. That’s how stock market bubbles and busts work. It’s how the jihadi Armageddon cult of Tehran will crumble, if we’re all very lucky.

Read The Rest @ American Thinker

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