More Record Snowfall

I know, you think I’m piling on now. And I’ve heard the gloworms saying that one winter doesn’t stop the warming. But dang it, here’s another record broken this winter, and they point to every record broken during the summer. So, here’s the latest from AP.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Snow plows and clean-up crews were to continue working overtime Sunday to dig out of a record-setting snow storm that buried Ohio’s capital city and many parts of Ohio and Indiana.

Photo courtesy of AP

The heavy winter storm dumped more than 20 inches of snow on Columbus on Saturday, while blizzard conditions shut down highways and stranded air travelers in the region.

The storm eventually swept into the East Coast, battering Pennsylvania and New Jersey with a line of thunderstorms. By early Sunday, tens of thousands were left without electric power.

High winds in Ohio whipped the snow into 3-foot-tall drifts in some places and cut visibility to less than a quarter mile, the National Weather Service said.

More Here

And I know it snowed in Atlanta Saturday, but they got the NNS race in anyway.

Check out Gateway Pundit for some records this winter. Be sure to check out the bottom of the page. Brrrr.


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