Another “Expert” Wrong?

Biologist withdraws claim of rabbit’s disappearance

BILLINGS — A Montana biologist has withdrawn his claim in a recent study that a rabbit species has disappeared from the Yellowstone area.

Joel Berger, a senior scientist with Wildlife Conservation Society, said today he has been contacted by at least six biologists and naturalists refuting his conclusions about the white-tailed jack rabbit. He said they provided photos and anecdotal evidence the rabbit still lives in the area.

“Yes, there were some left,” Berger said. “I’ve got egg on the face, absolutely.”


Would that be Easter egg?



7 Responses

  1. I’ve never much gotten the point of these “The Experts Are Wrong” posts, especially when it’s normally other experts who flag the problem. In this case, at least 6 of them.

  2. I suppose if you get the Oregonian you don’t need to read it here. But the overall reason for posting The Experts Are Wrong stories, is that “Experts” are increasing in number, and increasing in mistakes, expecting everyone to take them at their word.

  3. That doesn’t make any sense.

    To accept that this one “expert” is wrong, you’ve just accepted the words of, in the words of the original article, “at least six biologists”. Also experts, no?

    Do you think that a consensus of experts is more likely to be accurate? If not, what are you getting at?

  4. The point is that the report was published with false data.
    In other words, lies.

  5. The word “lies” implies that the author was being willfully deceitful. In this case it looks more like a case of substandard scholarship, especially since he conceded the error readily.

    One can be wrong without lying.

  6. Ok, I’ll accept that. It seems at the very least, he rushed to a conclusion just to publish a result he wanted to be true. That is the point of my posting this anyway, too many reports on many different subjects, not just science, are put out to the public and later found to be wrong.

    I didn’t intend for this to be a personal attack on Mr. Berger.

  7. That’s certainly true, and the shame is that public retractions and corrections never get as much press as the original reports.

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