AP Abusing The First Amendment? !Update!

On March 1st I linked the story of First Amendment abuse by the Associated Press. Link It seems that Brian of snapped shot has been able to get back up and running, sort of. A deal has been reached. Here’s the story.

Or is that “Move On™?”

(Oh, wait… Maybe referring to them isn’t the best idea right now.)

After receiving plenty of legal advice (plus some very insightful input from Jamie, Charles Johnson, Gabriel, and otoc, deacon, Cristoph), and considering the position I was in, I have come to the determination that it is in my best interests to comply with the AP’s request to the fullest extent possible. Here is the response I received from their counsel at the end of our discussion:


This should resolve the matter. Thank you again for you cooperation and immediate response.


And Thusly, We March On


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