A Peek At The NORKS

Someone’s always complaining about how bad we’ve got it in the USA. Bush is evil, Cheney eats small children, Rove secretly runs the world. Take a trip with Greg Palkot inside (sort of) North Korea, and get a peek at what hell on earth really looks like. You’ll appreciate it here just a little bit more.

I had read tons about the Hermit Kingdom but I had never been there. I’d been to Albania, the old east bloc nations, the Soviet Union, Saddam’s Iraq — all before they went Western-user friendly. But, I still found it hard to believe a place like this could exist in 2008.

We knew things were a little bit off when we were approaching the airport on the charter with the orchestra and all we could see was grey tundra outside. When we de-planed, the tarmac next to the solitary terminal was littered with broken down, moth-balled, out-of-date Russian planes.

That’s when we met our friends for this 48-hour stay: government appointed “guides.” In Iraq we call them “minders,” which is a very good word for them, because they “mind” everything we say and do. But again, been there and done that. Stalinist déjà vu all over again.

So, it was off to downtown Pyongyang with my good buddy and long-time cameraman Mal James. That’s when it began to get weirder. Our convoy of half a dozen sleek new buses were virtually the only thing on the highway leading into town … except for the odd military vehicle and government official-driven SUV. There are only 20,000 cars in this country of 23 million and no gas stations that we could see.

Here’s satellite picture of Korea at night. Pretty easy to see what communism will do for you.
Heres the rest of the story.



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  1. Well, the food Nazis here will be very glad to hear that North Korea was able to wipe out obesity. I’m sure they’re jotting down notes.

  2. English please….

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