Global Warming?—Follow The Money

I keep saying it, Follow The Money, and here is a perfect example. From Moonbattery

Global Warming Looting Is Underway

The massive looting that the global warming hoax has been setting us up for is already underway in Alaska, where Eskimos are suing two dozen energy companies for supposedly causing climate fluctuation. The Kivalina tribe filed its suit in San Francisco, where its patent absurdity will be less of a liability.

According to the suit, everyone who contributes to the imaginary global warming crisis is guilty and can be forced to pay. Our Supreme Court has already issued the literally insane ruling that CO2, which comes out of our cars every time we drive and out of our mouths every time we breathe, is a pollutant that causes global warming.

If the Kivalina get their free fortune, the floodgates will open wide. Everyone is guilty, so everyone can be made to pay. Society will sue itself out of existence.

And this is starting at a time when people are starting to wake up to Global Cooling. Hope it’s in time.

Global Cooling Really is a Threat

The Goreacle Has Some ‘Splainen’ To Do

More Evidence of Global Cooling


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