Global Cooling Really Is A Threat

Anthony Watts has a great website with all the technical stuff to back up his findings. He has studied the sunspots, or lack of sunspots, and he has come to this conclusion.

Given the current quietness of the sun and it’s magnetic field, combined with the late start to cycle 24 with even possibly a false start, it appears that the sun has slowed it’s internal dynamo to a similar level such as was seen during the Dalton Minimum. One of the things about the Dalton Minimum was that it started with a skipped solar cycle, which also coincided with a very long solar cycle 4 from 1784-1799. The longer our current cycle 23 lasts before we see a true ramp up of cycle 24, the greater chance it seems then that cycle 24 will be a low one.

No wonder there is so much talk recently about global cooling. I certainly hope that’s wrong, because a Dalton type solar minimum would be very bad for our world economy and agriculture. NASA GISS published a release back in 2003 that agrees with the commonly accepted idea that long period trends in solar activity do affect our climate by changing the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI).

Some say it is no coincidence that 2008 has seen a drop in global temperature as indicated by several respected temperature indexes compared to 2007, and that our sun is also quiet and still not kick starting its internal magentic dynamo.

Those are some pretty serious words from a pretty serious guy. Visit Anthony’s website to see all the graphs and charts and the technical stuff I won’t even pretend to understand. Watts Up With That?


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, Robert D. Looks interesting! I’ve been checking the sunspot activity on a daily basis out of curiosity and it’s been vewy, vewy quiet.

  2. You’re welcome Swamps. I knew you were watching that, and I figured you could make sense of what Anthony had there. Any knew lambs yet?

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