Willie Nelson — One Toke Over The Line

Willie Nelson Joins the Troofers

After puffing away for a lifetime, Willie Nelson has finally smoked the doobie that cracked the moonbat’s mind. He has crossed over from garden variety aging hippy pacifist to gibbering, hand-wringing, tinfoil-hat–wearing conspiracy kook, in perfect accord with the paranoid schizophrenic Alex Jones.

By applying the extensive knowledge of physics and engineering he gained by seeing a building imploded in Las Vegas, Nelson has been able to determine that the World Trade Center was destroyed not by the massive jets full of fuel and infidels that Muslims crashed into them, but by a controlled demolition executed by a sinister White House conspiracy.

Wonders Willie:

How naive are we — what do they think we’ll go for?

The answers: very naive; absolutely anything, so long as it’s moonbatty.


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