Going Green. But why?

Just what is it the Greens want us to do? By some accounts we have more trees than ever before because of better managed forests and most forests being owned by the government. Trees are The Most renewable resource on this planet. In the U.S. we are not running out of trees, yet the greens want us to live like cavepeople, to save the planet. I happen to live in the forest, in a house, with indoor toilets, electricity, running water and the whole nine yards. They’ve been logging this area well over 100 years and there are still plenty of trees of many sizes because of the way the forest is managed. Yet people still want us to never cut another tree because we don’t have enough and because of the greatest scam of all, Global Warming.

So if not about a tree-scarcity, exactly what is the green “thing” about? Well, we’re trying to stop climate change. Why? Because we like the climate we have. But isn’t change considered “good” in most instances? — culture, religion, education, politics, etc. Why is climate change so bad we must make radical changes in our lifestyles to prevent it?

Here’s where the hysteria comes in. There’s a has to be a promoter for every event, be it a circus or a national event. Most of us know what a promoter does. For those that don’t, I’ll explain. A promoter hypes the event, makes it seem more exciting than it really is and collects the money, and usually runs with the profits. Carnival barker comes to mind.

Al Gore makes a nice living with his “Inconvenient Truth” road show, preaching radical lifestyle change and higher taxes — scaring folks who need cars and air conditioning so they can live in places like Tennessee. (Big Al’s 20,000 square foot Tennessee house has utility bills 10 times yours and mine.) Al — who flies in a private jet — says the icecaps will melt, New York City will be under water, and all the polar bears will die if we don’t stop driving sports utility vehicles.

Do you see where I’m headed here? Woody Zimmerman covers it very well.

Read his article from the Washington Times.

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